Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wet and Wild (or Crazy) gel eye liner

Here's another product review.. I'm glad you all are really enjoying these. I get lots of positive feedback. Well as long as you keep reading 'em, I'll keep posting
em. Also if there's a product you want me to check out just let me know.

So I'm shopping for a wedding that I am about to do. I need to get on the road so I just pull in to CVS to pick up some supplies, I always get my brides lots of goodies. Well I REALLY need some eyeline but I don't have time to stop by MAC and get their gel liner, which is what I usually use.-especially on my brides because it doesn't move. So I see the Wet and Wild (or Crazy) gel eye liner. I LOVE this stuff. It goes on smooth doesn't run and guess what? It's under $12 bucks.. I think it's like $7. I've used it in photo shoots and everything and it worked fabulously!

My rating is: Two thumbs up
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