Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Think you can't wear sexy nude lipsticks like Kim Kardashin? I will show you how.

Image: Kim Kardashian (© Michael Tran/FilmMagic) Some people think they can't wear nude lipsticks maybe because your lips are too dark or you feel the lipstick makes your lips look too big.  But I beg to differ. This lipstick will make your lips look sexier!  Here's what you have to do, first start off with clean lips free of glossies, etc.  Then as you put foundation on your face, put some on your lips.  This will lighten your lips, or kind of neutralize them.  Now outline your lips with a neutral color liner close to your skin tone.  I tend to think nudes a little more on the tan side as opposed to the pink side looks best on me and most brown skinned to dark skinned people. But try pink if you like – it may just work for you. Pink is really hot now-especially that Barbie pink (MAC Pink Nouveau) Apply your nude lipstick. With a lip brush, blend your lip liner with your lipstick so you don't see a hard line around your lips.  Now just add a little gloss-emphasis on little you don’t want it supper glossy. Viola - You have the sexy nude lip!