Monday, January 17, 2011

Iman Foundation

I'm a little afraid to post this because some of the items that I've blogged about aren't in stock when I need them You guys are buying them all up. But that's a good thing. I share my knowledge to help out so obviously I’m helping by spreading the word on good products. If you have specific makeup questions feel free to ask me – Keisha[at]keishawillisbeauty[dot]com and I'll help. This blog is about IMAN foundation. I’m sure you all have heard of the beautiful super model Iman from Ethiopia who happens to be married to the legendary David Bowie – can you tell I’m a fan of her’s :-)

I am extremely leery of drug store foundation. Foundation is so vitally important to the finished look your makeup gives. IMAN cream to powder and foundation stick delivers AMAZING results. The color match is perfect – my color is Clay 3. These foundations are specifically made for women of color - such as Spanish, Asian woman not just for Black woman. Since women of color come in such a vast diversity of hues it’s great to have such an incredible product that delivers these results. I'm tossing all my MAC foundation for IMAN. Oh yeah it's that serious. And for only $14.99 it's a STEAL. Try it, I promise you'll love it. Plus it provides an instruction leaflet on how to apply the foundation - I've never seen that. You can this foundation anywhere – I’ve seen it in Target, Walgreens everywhere

I give this product thumbs up and a gold star!