Monday, July 5, 2010

NARS blush – Orgasm

NARS blush – Orgasm
So I was first introduced to this blush a few years ago on a video shoot. More than once when I’m on a shoot the photog will say “Hey we need more people and throw me in the video or picture”. I keep reminding them I don’t model anymore. Anyway, as I’m getting ready for my appearance in this video the stylist hands me this blush – NARS – Orgasm (they have another blush I love on women of color it’s orange). And I love this stuff. I am a BIG highlighter. I’ll tell you about my AMAZING highlighter I use from Smashbox soon. I think high lighting takes your makeup to a whole other level. Orgasm is kind of like a high lighting blush. Remember with any blush start with a little and build it. It’s easier to put on more than take it off.

My rating: Two thumbs up!!

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